Wednesday, August 1, 2018

A Love of All Things Tech

What's it like to love learning?  There's a certain joy in mastering or understanding something new.  Do you remember when you were a kid and were excited to discover a new game, toy, or information about your favorite subject?  You couldn't wait to explore all aspects of it: touch it, experience it, and then share it with someone.  I may be an older tech lover, but that thrill of learning something new never goes away for me.

I have seen a LOT of technology in my life.  I'm old enough to have been born way before computers were an everyday part of our lives.  I actually typed keypunch cards for programs to be run in large mainframes.  I remember learning how to use an Apple IIe and being terrified that I would break it because they cautioned us to do things a very particular way.  We had a Macintosh at home and that was so much fun!  It's where I played my first video game on a computer.  (I did play Pong on our tv when I was younger!)

I have loved learning and using technology ever since I became an adult, and I get insulted when someone assumes that I'm not tech savvy because of my age!  This blog will be about an older viewpoint to technology.  While I'm not a big gamer like my sons and grandchildren, I do play games and am always looking for ways to learn new technology.  There is a great joy in that. So come along for my journey to find joy in technology every day!

Have you found your Tech Joy today?



  1. I grew up during the seventies when the UK had just 3 terrestrial TV stations. I got into IT as a career mainly because I have a passion for technology. Over the course of my life (50 years) I've seen a lot of change. I find another aspect of interest is the way Tech impacts on social interactions and etiquette. It's a great subject you've picked to blog about and I look forward top reading your posts.

  2. Thanks! I agree that social interactions have really changed due to technology. I'm sure that will be one of my topics.