Thursday, August 23, 2018

Are You Able To Play ROBLOX With Us Today?

This was the BEST text! I got it today from my granddaughter.  She and my grandson were hanging out with me on Tuesday for awhile. They’re both young elementary age, and we always have lots of fun together. They had been telling me about a new game they’ve been playing on their iPads. ROBLOX: have you played it or heard of it? My granddaughter said that she and her brother are friends but they want more friends to play with. While they were at my house, they asked me if I would play and be their friend. How could I pass up an offer like that? Of course, I downloaded the app, and they taught me how to play that day.

Today, for the first time, they texted me to see if I could play ROBLOX with them. YES!!!  They already had a master plan. After I agreed to play, they first FaceTimed me. As my granddaughter then explained, we would start up the game and be able to see each other on FaceTime and talk while we played. How clever of them! It greatly enhanced our enjoyment as we discussed what game to play next and interacted during gameplay. At one point, we were in a gym in ROBLOX Fitness and doing different activities. As one of them would find something, they’d tell us where it was and we’d join them. We even had a snack together at a table in the Cafe.  I think their favorite is Epic Mini Games. I’m really not very good at that one but they are! We also had a blast playing Natural Disaster Survival. It was interesting to play as they discussed strategy.

I loved the use of technology to play together today. We had so much fun and laughed a lot. I can’t wait for the next time we can play ROBLOX again!

Have you found your tech joy today?


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