Saturday, August 4, 2018

Facebook For Recommending Books-Who Knew?

Lately I've noticed a lot of posts circulating on Facebook about favorite books.  You know how it works.  For 7 days, post your favorite books and name someone to do the same.  I was named by a friend recently.  While I often don't participate in this sort of thing, I was intrigued by the premise since I LOVE books.  So, I started trying to decide which were my favorites.

It was very difficult!  I found that i couldn't narrow it down to just 7, but who says I have to follow the rules?  I've been continuing to post books (without naming someone after the 7th day)!  It's been a lot of fun to look back at books-often series-that I have loved and to share recent books that have made an impression.  I am finding it's also a lot of fun to follow up with those people I name to see what books they are listing.  

This is an example of one reason I enjoy Facebook!  I love being able to share ideas, books, music, art, and everyday activities with friends both near and far.  I have rediscovered many friends from college, students from when I was teaching, cousins who live far away, and also made new friends.  I have found Facebook to bridge age groups although there are many in my age group and older who aren't on Facebook, and there are many who are younger who never joined or have dropped their accounts-my sons are examples of that.  However, I continue to enjoy using Facebook every day to stay in touch and share with others. 

There are a lot of different opinions about Facebook which I will be exploring in a future post, but for now I am discovering new books through my friends' posts.  You might want to try it too! It's a fun way to share using technology.

Have you found your Tech Joy today?


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