Sunday, August 12, 2018

Suggestions for Idle Hands

Do you find yourself needing something to keep your hands busy with while listening to podcasts, enjoying music, or watching TV?  I know many people who get on their computers, knit, scrapbook, or other activities of that type.  I also know many older people who enjoy adult coloring books or jigsaw puzzles.  This is probably a throwback to when we were kids since coloring books and jigsaw puzzles were a big part of our childhood.  I'm certainly attracted to those types of activities; however, coloring is too slow and jigsaw puzzles take up too much room.  I need activities that are easy to pick up and then set aside as needed.  I have luckily found a couple of apps that meet my needs.

If you like coloring, there are a lot of apps out there for you to try.  Colorfy has been the app of choice when I want to choose my own colors and be creative.  There are some free puzzles and colors-usually enough to satisfy my needs.  I have never felt that I wanted to pay to expand my options.  I love coloring on my phone or iPad because of the flexibility it offers.  Large areas fill in at the touch of a finger.  Don't like the color you chose?  Just choose another and touch the area!  It's a great way to color!  If you don't want to choose your colors, you might want to try Color By Number.  I just discovered this app but love it when I want to keep my hands busy but my mind available.  There are lots of free pages to color plus daily offerings.    My grandkids like Pixel Art where you color each pixel by number.  This offers the ability to fill in areas by dragging your fingers and ways to speed up coloring.  If you like to color, I would recommend that you check out these and other coloring apps.

If you want to play jigsaw puzzles on your computer or tablet, check out Magic Puzzles.  I've been playing this for years.  It gives you the option of changing the number of pieces in the puzzle you are solving.  Each month you can download free puzzles for each day of that month.  By playing, you get coins which you can use to buy more puzzles.  I have never spent money on puzzles but have had plenty to do when I wanted to work on one.  There may be others out there, but I highly recommend this app.

You may have found other apps that work as well as these.  Share any suggestions in the comments.  Whichever you choose to play, I hope you are having fun!

Have you found your Tech Joy today?


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