Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Phones as Indicators of Comfort With Technology

My husband recently injured his shoulder so he has started physical therapy.  When he went to his first appointment, the physical therapist let him know that there was an app that he could use for his exercises. They then had a discussion about how she would send him the link: text or email.  He requested that she text it.  Once he confirmed that he had received it, she started talking about her father who is the same age we are.  He just traded in his flip phone for a smart phone, and she is trying to teach him how to use it.

I think that the type of phone someone older has is a prime indicator of their comfort with technology.  We have always been on the cutting edge of phone technology starting with our portable "brick" we bought years ago.  I've had many different cell phones including flip phones, but I have had smart phones for years!  I don't know how I could function without it.

I am lucky because we are all techies.  When I was an HR Director, I had Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) staff I worked closely with every day.  I also led our department in implementing a new ERP system.  My husband and both sons also work in technology fields so we all embrace technology as an integral part of our lives.

When I think about what I can do with my iPhone, I'm amazed at how it's like the handheld computers we envisioned in early science fiction but better!  I love having information at my fingertips.  Often during conversations when a question comes up, I start searching for answers.  Having my contact information, emails, note function, weather, news, maps, lists, music, games, podcasts, and so many other things in one central place makes life so much easier. 

Next time you are with someone who is older, look at their phone.  I'm interested to see if the premise that this is a good indicator of someone's comfort with technology is generally true.  In the meantime, I am going to have fun with my iPhone!

Have you found your Tech Joy today?


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