Friday, August 31, 2018

We Did It!

It’s the last day of August which means it’s also the last day of BlaugustReborn.  My goal was to write every single day this month, and I did it! It felt good to get back to writing. I had missed it. It was also fun to think about the technology around me and how it brings joy into our lives. I enjoyed seeing posts of others who participated in this event. My sincere gratitude to everyone involved who made this such a wonderful experience.

So what now? Writing every single day will be impossible to maintain. However, I love writing so I want to keep this blog going. I’m hoping to post once a week moving forward. I know that I will continue to see the differences in the ways generations embrace and/or reject technology. I’m sure I’ll have an opinion about that. To my fellow bloggers, thanks for sharing your talents on this journey! As always, continue your joy of technology. I know I will!

Have you found your tech joy today?


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