Monday, August 27, 2018

iPhone Apps: Keeping Your Mind Sharp

As an older user of technology, I often see ads for iPhone apps that are marketed as brain games. One of the games that I often see is Lumosity.  I’ve tried it, and it was okay. Unfortunately, there were 2 drawbacks for me: it was boring after awhile and you had to pay if you wanted the full game to give you more variety. I have found that I need something different to keep my brain sharp.

I take a different approach. I need vocabulary to make my mind stretch.  So I start every day with 4 word games.  All of these are free to play.

  1. 7 Little Words: I play the daily game and the bonus game. These are both free. In this game, you’re given clues for 7 words. You then have to put pieces together to make these words. It is very challenging at times. I often think I don’t know the answers at all but I keep working at it...and it suddenly falls into place. This really challenges my brain.
  2. Monkey Wrench: This also has a daily and bonus game each day. It’s probably my favorite word game. It’s similar to the previous game, but there are a lot more words to find. It’s hard to explain this game so check it out for yourself.
  3. Red Herring: This is a game of categories. I play this game on the easiest level which gives you the categories. The harder ones do not! I’ve found that I need those headers in order to do this, but it’s still fun.
  4. Word Search Pro: The last game I do on my iPhone every day is this word search game. I’ve tried several, but this is my favorite.
I like challenging my brain to keep it sharp. This is such a great way to use technology to start my day!

Have you found your tech joy today?



  1. I have a co-worker that's mentioned 7 little words before. I oughta look it up sometime.

    For what it's worth we both enjoy your posts.

  2. Thanks so much for the feedback. It’s nice to know someone is enjoying these posts. I hope you try 7 Little Words. I think you’ll like it.