Wednesday, August 8, 2018

A Podcast for Everyone

I have become a podcast aficionado.  It started because a family member has a podcast, and I wanted to support him by listening.  I was hooked!  This led to listening to others on his podcast network and enjoying the experience.

People listen to podcasts in lots of different ways.  Sometimes I listen while playing games or while I'm in the car, but my favorite thing is to listen while I'm doing things around the house.  I also love some of the features on Overcast that enhance listening.  There are 2 functions I use all of the time: one shortens the silences and the other allows you to play the podcast at an increased speed.  Most of the time I play podcasts at normal speed, but there are times when I play them at 1.5 or 2 times normal speed.  It all depends on the podcaster and what I'm listening for in the podcast.

I don't think there are as many older people listening to podcasts, but I think they would really enjoy them.  There is such a variety of topics available.  There are great ones that discuss news, politics, history, storytelling, gaming, media, technology, and so much more.  I have 14 different podcasts I listen to, and 2 are new.  Clear+Vivid with Alan Alda is one of the new ones.  Alan Alda is interviewing people about communication and it's really interesting.  The other new one is Everything is Alive.  It's a very quirky podcast that is very new.  The podcast host interviews inanimate objects played by actors who don't know the questions beforehand. So far, there have been interviews with a can of cola and a lamppost.  You might want to try it out!

Do you listen to Podcasts?  If so, what would you recommend?

Have you found your Tech Joy today?



  1. I love my podcasts. I started because I wanted to learn things on my way to and from work and it expanded, and contracted, over the years.

    I currently listen to only three. The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe, Freakonomics, and Massively OP. I've been considering an additional podcast or maybe The Great Courses to fill the gap left by a removal.

  2. I've heard great things about Freakonomics. I should try it. You may enjoy Cortex which talks about how you approach work and the tools the hosts find useful. I would suggest starting at the first one to see if it appeals to you. I really enjoy it. I've also heard that Dan Carlin's Hardcore History is great if you are interested in history. Let me know if you find a great podcast to add to your listening.