Sunday, August 5, 2018

How Do You TV?

When I was young, all that was available on TV were the major networks.  We would sit in front of the TV as a family  My dad was the one who controlled what we watched although I was often the one who got up to change the channel.  Obviously, this was before remote controls!  Everything that was televised was for all audiences-what would be rated G now.  While there are a wide variety of channels and offerings now, many older viewers still watch TV in the same way I did as a child: what I would call appointment television.

While there are some times when I want to watch something when it first airs, that is NOT how I usually watch TV.  I love my Roku!!  Being able to binge TV and choose when I want to see something is incredibly freeing.  I especially love not having programs interrupted by advertisers.  I could never go back to only having appointment TV!  I love the variety of what's available on my own timetable.  I hope that more people my age and older are moving to this way of watching TV.  It is so much fun!

Streaming services are definitely the way to go.  I love having Chromecast so I can watch YouTube and Twitch.  Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon are must-haves for me.  I also love having access to Premium Channels like HBO (Game of Thrones, WestWorld, Ballers, etc.) and STARZ (Outlander is THE BEST!!).  I could never go back to the old way of watching TV.  Technology has made it so that a wide variety of media is available on demand.  I love it!

Have you found your Tech Joy today?


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