Sunday, August 26, 2018

What Will It Take?

Today gamers came together in Florida to share their love for a video game at a tournament. It was a time to compete, have fun, and marvel at the talents of those participating whether you were in house or watching on Twitch. Unfortunately, it became the site of a tragic mass shooting. What will it take for us to do what is needed to stop this from happening in our country?

The time for “thoughts and prayers” has come and gone. Much more needs to be done. I believe very strongly that we have to do something to change the gun laws. I also believe that we need to do more to help those with mental health issues. For me, these efforts must go hand-in-hand as we work to resolve the issues. Whatever you believe to be the issue, there is something you can do.

I believe we can bring about change with our vote. I ask everyone to research their candidates on these issues and vote for those who are committed to make the changes needed to end these tragedies. You can also help by reaching out to friends and family to encourage them to vote this year. 

I normally ask that everyone look for some joy every day in technology. Today there is no joy-only sadness. This post is dedicated to those who were killed and injured at the tournament today. 


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