Tuesday, August 21, 2018

How Do You News?

Today was a big news day! Don’t worry!  I’m not going to write about the content-we’ve all probably had our fill of it today. No, I want to discuss how we get our news in the digital age and if there’s a difference by age.

My phone was lit up today with news alerts! That’s how I often get breaking news. The other way I get news is through Facebook when our local channel streams news reports.  I am of the generation that likes news so this is usually the beginning for me. If I’m interested in the story, I might look for longer news articles online to get more details. I also checked Twitter to see what tweets were showing up. I wanted to see how the world was reacting. I also checked to see if FiveThirtyEight Politics had an emergency podcast. They did! It was interesting as it always is.   I’m probably unusual for my age group because digital news is my preferred method.

I definitely am like my age group because I also watched national news on TV.  I sometimes also check out CNN on TV. I still like TV news to get video and to hear experts and pundits to get a variety of views.  I don’t watch it every night as my parents used to do. I watch if there’s something in particular I’m interested in seeing.

There is another common way that younger generations look for news. Many like to check out Reddit (or The Reddit if you’re in the UK). I’ve tried it but it seems like such a rabbit hole. I get lost, and it takes too much effort to find what really interests me. So, I rarely check out Reddit.

I think it’s good to be informed no matter which method you choose. Let me know what your preferred news delivery method is. I’d also be interested in your opinion about preferences by age group.

Have you found your tech joy today?


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