Friday, August 10, 2018

Podcasts for the Older Listener

Those of us who are older probably remember when the West Wing was on TV.  I was a big fan.  I thought it was very intelligent writing and fast-paced dialog.  I used to record it and play it back since I knew I had missed some of it especially during some of the walk-and-talks.  It's really odd to think about the days when I would record shows on VHS tapes to play back later.  There are now so many ways to stream TV programs and watch on your timetable.

For older people who want to try out podcasts, The West Wing Weekly may be the one to start with.  I have been re-watching the series on Netflix every week and then listening to the corresponding episode of The West Wing Weekly.  The hosts, Joshua Malina who played Will Bailey and Hrishikesh Hirway, discuss the plot points, characters, writing, etc. of each episode.  They often have guests on the show-writers/contributors to the series, West Wing actors, or experts on the subject of the episode.  If you are a fan of West Wing, I think you'd enjoy this podcast.

Another podcast I'd recommend is the one by Mike Rowe who you may have seen on Dirty Jobs.  His podcast, The Way I Heard It With Mike Rowe, is made up of short stories with a twist.  Mike Rowe is a phenomenal storyteller.  He has a great voice and delivery.  These podcasts are usually around 10 minutes long so they are quick and easy.  I'd encourage you to try it out.  It's a feel-good experience.

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